Webinar: Healthy Eating: For Me, For Others, and for the Planet

Healthy eating means eating products that we know how they were made and avoiding those that contain sophisticated, unfamiliar ingredients and those that are over-processed.

At least that’s what Ana Deaconu, consultant in sustainable agriculture and nutrition, PhD in public health and nutrition at the University of Montreal, Canada, told participants in the webinar organised by MOVCA on “Sustainable agriculture for healthy nutrition”.

According to the expert, overeating is not about healthy eating, but involves risks, such as obesity, and can lead to several serious diseases.

In the opinion of PhD, research professor Boris Boincean, acting director of the “Selection” Institute in Balti and president of MOVCA, our country needs to make the transition to a new system of sustainable agriculture, including organic.

This transition is about ensuring sustainable and resilient soil management to provide ecosystem and social services beneficial to society as a whole by improving the health or quality of agricultural land, says Boris Boincean.

The benefits of this approach would include: quality drinking water, reducing the global warming effect by sequestering carbon in the soil, maintaining biodiversity throughout the soil food chain.

Other important benefits relate to obtaining high quality food products to increase human and animal body immunity, maintaining pollinators, etc.

In this context, the administrator of MOVCA, Venedict Strișca, stressed that healthy nutrition is not something that would require great efforts, but it is just another lifestyle that we need to learn and improve continuously.

The webinar was watched by over 70 people.