How to participate?

Who are the beneficiaries?

Who can sell products on this platform?

How does it work?

What is the model of the enterprise and how is it carried out? What are the business processes?


Legal contract

A commercial contract will be signed with MOVCA Biofood SRL prior the start of the activities.


Goods invoice

A commercial invoice must accompany all bought products


Warehouse storage

Goods will be sold or distributed later from our warehouse.


Online orders

Customers will be able to pay online, or by cash on delivery.


We will take care of packing


Fast delivery

What are the benefits?

What includes this partnership?

What are the costs?

For the first year of operation we will have 3 participation packages. The costs will be paid directly to the MOVCA association, the founder of MOVCA Biofood SRL. All the money will be used for the sales project.

lei 3000 Starting fee
Natural product
lei 2000 Starting fee
In conversion
lei 1000 Starting fee
Certified product

What do you lose if you don’t participate?

The more participants we have in the project, the stronger force we will have on the market of healthy products.

What are the next steps?

1. Become a MOVCA member

Become a MOVCA member, in case if you are not

2. We sign the contract

Each interested MOVCA member will sign a contract with MOVCA Biofood SRL.

3. Send the products to the warehouse

Send the products to the warehouse through the Rapid Courier or personally.