Why Biofood.md?

Why should I choose biofood.md products?

Biofood.md is a platform founded and owned by local organic producers. Every single order is an investment in health and future as organic processes involve care about soil. Also, we care about quality and customers.

Organic products

How to see if a product is organic or not?

Every product has an icon that says if the product is organic, in transition, or a natural product

Are all the products organic?

This is our mission, but we have more work to do. We offer both certified and uncertified products and every single product has this information shown on site. Even if we have uncertified producers, their goal is to become certified producers in near future.


How can I pay?

Every order can be paid online with a credit/debit card, through a paynet account, or cash paid to the courier.


What is the minimum order amount?

The minimum order amount is 200 lei.

How will I know when the courier will deliver my order?

Every order is processed by a biofood employee that will call you before delivery.

When are you delivering the products?

We deliver 2 days per week: On Tuesday and Friday.

What is the delivery zone?

At this moment we deliver throughout Moldova only. In the future, we are planning to extend to Ukraine and Romania.