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Polyfloral honey BIO, 250g

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Polyfloral honey is considered to be the most complex variety of honey. It contains nectar from a few dozen, if not hundreds of species of medicinal plants, which takes over the therapeutic properties from each of them. In addition, polyfloral honey does not have a well-defined color and aroma, because it depends on the predominant type of flowers. One of the characteristics of this type of honey is the tendency of rapid crystallization. This is a common process for honey and does not affect its quality. Due to its concentrated beneficial properties, polyfloral honey has several therapeutic indications. It stimulates the appetite, facilitates the digestive process, improves the activity of the heart and liver, increases the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood and is an excellent remedy for physical and mental fatigue. This type of honey also fights flu symptoms, helps treat allergies and irritations, and regular use of polyfloral honey (internal or local) can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin tone and reduce inflammation, while accelerating the healing process.

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